Shield of Dragonkind

This type of shield is made of obsidian with a trim and dragon head that matches which type of dragon its modelled after. For example, a Shield of Red Dragonkind has a golden trim and the shape of a red dragon carved from ruby mounted to it.

As a standard action, you may speak the shields command word. The dragons head animates and uses its breath weapon in a 15ft line or cone (as per the base dragon). All creatures in range must make a DC 20 Reflex saving throw. On a failed save, the creature takes 6d6 damage and half as much on a successful one. This can only be used once per day.

While wielding this shield, you have a +3 bonus to AC and a 5 resistance to the element associated with the base dragon.

Be warned however that a true dragon may see this shield as an insult!

Dragon Type Element Line/Cone
Black Acid Line
Blue Electricity Line
Green Acid Cone
Red Fire Cone
White Cold Cone
Forest Earth (Piercing) Cone
Sea Fire Cone
Sky Electricity Cone
Sovereign Sonic Cone
Underworld Fire Line
Brass Fire Line
Bronze Electricity Line
Copper Acid Line
Gold Fire Cone
Silver Cold Cone
Brine Acid Line
Cloud Electricity Cone
Crystal Sonic Cone
Magma Fire Cone
Umbral Negative Energy Cone

The type of dragon is decided at creation.

Shield of Dragonkind

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