Homebrewed equipment is listed below. Some of these can be crafted, but only after being invented, as listed on the page. The most likely skill to be required is listed, but other skills can be substituted if applicable.

Additionally, at GM discretion, you can attempt to craft a higher quality version of the equipment. You can increase the DC by 5 to increase the bonuses granted by the item by 2 – this must be declared before making the check. If this check is unsuccessful, it counts as a failure, even if you would normally meet the DC of the item.

This would mean that an item that normally grants a +4 bonus would grant a +6 bonus if successful.


Hammer of the Armoursmith



Shield of Dragonkind

Belt Slot

Body Slot

Clockwork Exosuit

Chest Slot

Eyes Slot

Feet Slot Items

Spring-Powered Clockwork Aerial Distance Actuators

Hand Slot

Head Slot

Headband Slot

Neck Slot

Amulet of Butterflies

Shoulders Slot

Wrists Slot

Clockwork Grapple

Ring Slot

Ring of Forgery

Slotless Items

Candle of Truth

Lucky Charm

Pot of Keeping

Satchel of Unmet Needs


Vikenish Nexomify